How Shower Pods Can Drastically Change Your Home and Your Life

Shower pods have taken over the London market with buyers left and right purchasing these types of fixtures for their homes. These pods are so popular because they offer convenience, efficiency and space-saving solutions. They also add aesthetic appeal to your home, boosting the value of your living space.

Find out more about what shower pods can do for you and your home down below.

Modern feel

Want to update your home but don’t want the hassle of a full-on renovation? No worries! Simple things such as buying new appliances and fixtures and discarding outdated furniture can change the way your home looks. One of the things you can purchase is shower pods.

Shower pods are glass-encased, self-contained capsules that you can install in your bathroom. They make your bathroom have a modern feel with their sleek appearance and glass doors.

Money-saving features

Shower pods boast of easy-grip features and handy toiletry holders, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of purchasing additional accessories for your shower convenience and safety. Additionally, no tiling is required, so you can save a lot of money.


When you are finding ways to de clutter your house to make it look more open and inviting, shower pods can give you a solution by letting your home have a more minimalist look.

Shower pods are space-saving fixtures you can install in your home. Hence, you don’t have to worry about lacking space because the pods only require a little amount. You can decideto install your shower pods in a recess or a corner. You can also make sure that every available space you have is utilisedto its full capacity by deciding whether you want sliding or pivot glass doors.

minimising the risk of bathroom flooding

Easy to clean  

Nothing can beat the feeling you have when you enter a freshly cleaned home. It makes you feel more relaxed and more comfortable to unwind after a long day. Hence, it can pull up your mood and improve your psychological and emotional balance as well. That’s why shower pods are so popular in the market nowadays. They are so easy to maintain and clean because of their very smooth surface from the gel coating. You can make them spotless in just a jiffy, so you can always come home to a tidy house everyday.

No spills

When you are just starting to raise a family, your little ones will be quite a handful. They’ll be running around and making a mess everywhere. You have to make sure that your bathroom is childproof so that you won’t have to waste time cleaning up the puddles they make.

Shower pods give you the advantage of minimising the risk of bathroom flooding since they make sure that all the water is confined in the sealed capsules.

These are the chief reasons why you should consider buying shower pods for your home. These will definitely add to the overall appeal of your living space.