Instructional Guide: How Redfish Property Management New Orleans Handles Lease Agreements and Renewals

Lease agreements and renewals are critical components of property management. Redfish property management New Orleans has a streamlined and professional approach to managing lease agreements and ensuring smooth lease renewals. Follow this guide to understand how we handle these processes efficiently:

Step 1: Initial Lease Agreement

  1. Preparation and Review: When a new tenant is interested in renting a property, Redfish prepares a comprehensive lease agreement. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the tenancy, including rent amount, lease duration, security deposit, pet policies, and other important details.
  2. Tenant Communication: We communicate with the prospective tenant to discuss the lease terms, answer any questions, and ensure that they fully understand the agreement before signing.
  3. Signing and Execution: Once the tenant agrees to the terms, both parties sign the lease agreement. Redfish ensures that all necessary legal requirements and disclosures are included to protect the interests of both the tenant and the property owner.

Step 2: Lease Renewal Process

  1. Lease Expiration Notification: As the lease expiration date approaches, Redfish sends a renewal notification to the tenant, reminding them of the upcoming lease end date.
  2. Assessment and Rent Review: Before initiating the renewal process, our team reviews the tenant’s rental history, payment record, and any maintenance or compliance issues during the tenancy.
  3. Market Analysis: We also conduct a market analysis to assess the current rental market conditions and ensure that the proposed rent aligns with the prevailing rates.
  4. Renewal Offer: Based on the assessment and market analysis, Redfish presents the tenant with a lease renewal offer. This includes any changes in the lease terms, such as rent adjustments, lease duration, or updates to policies.
  5. Tenant Communication: We communicate directly with the tenant to discuss the renewal offer, address any questions or concerns, and negotiate the terms, if necessary.
  6. Lease Renewal Agreement: Once both parties agree on the renewal terms, a lease renewal agreement is prepared. This agreement outlines the updated terms and conditions for the renewed lease.
  7. Signing and Execution: Upon mutual agreement, the tenant and Redfish sign the lease renewal agreement, solidifying the renewed lease.

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Step 3: Post-Renewal Support

  1. Documentation and Record-Keeping: Redfish maintains a detailed record of lease agreements and renewals for each property, ensuring all documentation is properly organized and accessible.
  2. Tenant Welcome Package: After the lease renewal is finalized, we provide the tenant with a welcome package that includes important information, such as contact details for maintenance requests and rent payment procedures.
  3. Ongoing Support: Throughout the renewed lease term, Redfish continues to support both the tenant and property owner. We remain responsive to tenant inquiries, handle maintenance requests, and ensure compliance with lease terms.


Redfish Property Management New Orleans follows a systematic and professional approach to handle lease agreements and renewals. By ensuring clear communication, thorough assessments, and proactive support, we strive to maintain positive tenant relationships and optimize the property’s performance for property owners. Our commitment to transparency and efficiency sets us apart, making Redfish a reliable partner in property management and lease administration.