Barndominiums – pros and cons of picking one

Though barndominium houses have gained quite an admiration in the past few years, there are still some pros and cons to consider before buying one. Some might find it an affordable and comfortable stay, but for others, it might prove to be not-so-good-choice. So, before you go to barndominium builders, here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of these houses for you to decide better.

Pros of barndominiums for a happy living

  • Durability at the highest level

Because of its metal build, barndominium houses are a much-preferred choice in rural communities. These steel houses can withstand any harsh weather. Due to this, mostly they have low maintenance cost and thus you can think of future investments if you want.

  • Require lesser amount of time to build

The metal frame style of barndominium houses allows them to be built in much less time than conventional houses. In some cases, they could be ready to live within a span of as little as two weeks.

  • Dual purpose homes

If you are working from home or self-employed you would definitely want a space that serves both as a home and an office. The usual design of these comparatively larger spaces allows them to be adapted for both, a home and a workspace.

  • Ecofriendly

Barndominium builders use eco-friendly materials to build these houses. They are capable of reducing carbon footprints. To maintain the indoor environment some unique trend is used to support the metal structure to further lessen your costs.

An understanding of Barndominium spaces

The cons that will make you think again

  • Not a corrosion-proof

A metal based home need not be worried much about corrosion issues as in the case of wooden structured houses. However, in a tropical climate, certain exterior treatments cannot be avoided for barndos.

  • Not so cheap after all

The cost-saving factor comes in the long run. At the initial stages of the build, the barndominiums tend to be quite expensive for the metal structures.

  • It is a no-no for some cities

These houses are fit for rural areas and some cities do not opt for them. So, you might find yourself miles away from cities or even your office while staying in a barndo.

  • Single storey homes

Multi-storeyed homes are not an option for barndominiums. The metal structure does not always support it. They are usually warehouse-type structures and may at the most have lofts to be treated as another floor.