A Buyer’s Guide To Travertine Tiles

Limestone has an attractive form which is known as travertine. So, this has many uses and benefits as well. If you plan to use travertine tiles for your space, you need to read this guide before anything else! Travertine is very beneficial to builders, but why? We are going to tell you the different uses of travertine in today’s times. Are you all set to take a deeper glance into this article?

What are the various uses of travertine?

The various uses of travertine tiles include-

  • Pool decks: So, are you planning on building a little pool for your backyard? Then consider using travertine for the deck – it is going to give it a pleasant finish. Your friends will always want to hang out around your pool deck.
  • Paths and walkways: So, you want to install something attractive for the path that leads into your home? How about using travertine stones? These are so classy and attractive that your guests probably wouldn’t able to take their eyes off them!
  • Patios: Add some grace and value to your home with pretty travertine tiles for your backyard or patio. Well, you will find a lot of attractive options available in the mart – so, make a good choice to give your visitors some dazzle.

Do you know of the impressive benefits of using travertine tiles?

  • Offers real estate value
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Gives your space a designer and charming appearance

How to take care of travertine tiles?

Well, maintain these tiles can be simple yet complicated at the same time. Now, you must be wondering what we mean by that, right? So, these travertine tiles have tiny pores that let liquid agents penetrate inside. However, this issue can be avoided if you use the right method for prevention. What can you do? Use a layer of penetrating sealer and then use a layer of barrier surface sealer on top of it. The good thing about these tiles is that you will not see any damage from scratches, chips or cracks.

Installation of travertine flooring

The installation process for these tiles is similar to that of ceramic tiles. However, travertine tiles have some difficulties that need to be overcome during installation. Also, if you are installing a new floor, you need to have some extra tiles just in case of some crack during the process.