Buying a Park Home

A park home is an amazing thing because of how much more space you get for a lot less maintenance. With all the beautiful parks and rural sites around, you should not have any trouble finding a place to call your own. Your home is probably going to be right on the green belt, so this will give you a great place to sit and take in all the scenery around you.

Of course, one of the biggest concerns with owning your own park home is the cost. This is understandable because you are essentially getting the best of both worlds. You should be able to find a great place to purchase a park home without too much difficulty and the cost is offset by the long-term savings from living in a home like this. There are many different places that sell park homes on the internet and you will be able to find a nice place to invest without too many worries about where you are going to get the best deal. For Wiltshire Park Homes, visit Blunsdon Abbey Park Homes

interesting points when purchasing a Park Home

Park Home Buying


Park home possession contrasts from conventional blocks and-mortar properties in that you own the home however not the land it sits on.

The proprietor of the land is the recreation center administrator, who will rent it to you as a major aspect of the buy. Since the recreation center home isn’t connected to a plot of land, you can’t take out a home loan, so different types of accounts must be gotten on the off chance that you need to go down that course.

Would I be able to LIVE THERE ALL YEAR?

Before purchasing a recreation center home, it is crucially critical to watch that the site has arranging authorization and a permit from the nearby position that permits you to live there the entire year. A few parks’ conditions mean you would need to move out for a month or two consistently; these are authorized as occasion home parks. Before consenting to sign, ensure you, or ideally a specialist, check the site permit and your composed concurrence with the recreation center administrator completely.


A pitch expense is a charge – typically month to month – that you pay the recreation center proprietor for utilization of the site. It as a rule incorporates a ground lease for the land your home involves in addition to the overall upkeep and support of the site’s shared territories and offices, for example, streets and road lighting.

These are just some of the reasons that owning your own home in a park is such a great place to invest in. There are social committees, should you wish to get more involved in the community. All in all, buying a park home is a fantastic way to make the most of your life and to enjoy all that retirement has to offer.