How to sell your house quickly & easily

To quickly sell a house, it is essential to carry out a number of real estate procedures. The first step is to estimate the value of your property so you can set a consistent selling price that can easily attract potential buyers. Orpi offers a free real estate appraisal service: the Orpi Expert estimator. Accessible online, this solution estimates in a few minutes the value of a house and allows individuals to sell quickly and well.

Real estate valuation, a decisive step to sell your house

To sell one’s house in a short period of time we buy houses texas, it is first and foremost important to set a selling price that is consistent with the market: a price that is too high will obviously make buyers shun (especially in a highly competitive zone). Finding a “fair” and attractive value is the first step to take before selling. To fix this value, it is advisable to make estimate his house by a professional of the real estate. It is this real estate estimate that will allow you to position yourself properly against the competition and promote a quick sale.

How to obtain a reliable real estate estimate?

Many companies offer a free online service estimating in just a few minutes the “right” price of your house: the Orpi Expert estimator. This accessible tool lists thousands of real estate data and puts them in touch with the characteristics of your home.

Do your homework

Some specialists advise to “do one’s homework”, that is, to make one’s property attractive before putting it on the market.

But it should be noted that a seasoned investor knows how to collect an interesting good – and can buy it as is. The most important thing is to find the right buyer.

However, nothing prevents you from looking after the appearance of your home (and interior) if you feel the need.

After all, doing one’s “homework” is also knowing how to sell one’s house quickly, whatever the state.

Set a competitive price

This means that as a salesman, you must also show “common sense” in setting the price of the house. Whether single-family or multi-family, your home has its equivalent in the market, and do not hesitate to make a small survey to find out how much are similar properties.

Your team, starting with your broker, can help you set the right price.

Note that you can sell your property without paying a commission as long as you find the right buyer.


To sell one’s house quickly, you do not need to advertise drumming around the property.

However, if you do not want to worry about this kind of thing and want to sell a house quickly, you just have to call on the right team, especially an investor or a group of investors who are used to buy dozens of houses every year.

In most cases, it is possible to sell the good as is in 3 days maximum, at a fair price that sticks to market trends, and without paying commission.