Best use planning to finish your basement

When your family needs more space, the best place to start your design is at the bottom. Basement reconstruction is the most cost-effective way to add more relaxed space for the family. As you can use existing foundations and construction, the total cost per square foot will be less than the sum. And with the help of a professional contractor, you can turn even the darkest basement into something bright and beautiful.

Popular basement remodeling plans

There are so many different things that your basement can become, in addition to a bathroom. How about a gym with some exercise equipment and free weights? (Don’t forget to think about the floor, especially if you do aerobics there). Or a luxury home theater with a big screen and surround sound?

Think about what your family likes to do and decide how to organize these events in the newly renovated basement. If games like billiards and air hockey are family favorites, create a relaxation room. This space should be built for everyday life, which includes a lot of entertainment.


Comfortable fit

Consider incorporating some features in your basement finishing Toronto that add comfort. Things like a natural gas fireplace or an integrated bar are excellent additions to the basement that your contractor can easily install.

When the owners try to finish their own basement as a DIY project, they lose the opportunity to incorporate more involved elements. If you don’t feel safe building your own home, from the foundations to the roof and all the finishing work inside, you probably shouldn’t try to remodel the basement house with your own hands. Even if you feel comfortable and capable, providing this to a professional, you will get many more opportunities for installed functions.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

The basement is a great place for the bedroom, if the windows are large enough to be used as a fire escape. This condition is recorded in the building code in many different places and is also a good guide for common sense. Natural light, which provides a decent sized window, will certainly be appreciated, especially at the basement level.

Place a shower if your family will use it, but a two-component sink and a toilet may be enough to move under.

Regardless of how you design it, renovating your basement will add daily living space at the lowest cost. With the help of a professional contractor, you can make the most of the area and include all the functions that your family needs, creating the most comfortable place in the house.