Find Best Serviced apartment Somerset in Singapore

Find Best Serviced apartment Somerset in Singapore

Are you a savvy tourist or a business traveler? You can never visit Singapore without paying a visit to Somerset in Orchard. Still, you can never feel at home if you don’t know where you will stay while at Somerset. That is why ST Residency has got you covered by introducing you to the serviced apartment somerset in singapore.

Somerset is located in the Orchard, a dense place area filled with shopping centers and hotels. However, this place may have old hotels, but there can be serviced apartments if you make the right choice. However, you can access this area but still get rooms which are poorly maintained.

serviced apartment somerset

Still, the residency can have poorly maintained bathroom and living rooms. Making you feel uncomfortable and not appreciate your travel to Singapore. Nevertheless, you can get amenities which are poorly maintained, such as gyms or even get insufficient cutlery and cups.

Number of Apartments in Central Singapore

In Orchard, you can get a few well-serviced apartments which will never fail you, your family, or other groups with you. Such apartments located at “central” area as such as; ST Residences Novena, Illuminare on Devonshire, Orange Grove Serviced Apartments, to name a few, which all vary in pricing and condition of the residency. They vary in pricing; hence, being the best option for you, as you can manage yourself and identify what residency fits you.

Right at Your Services

These residencies are located alongside the shopping centers, at Orchard Road Singapore. Hence, this shows that you are well catered for. They are convenient for all your activities, such as engaging in business or even doing luxurious shopping. This residency has excellent communication, as you can locate these areas by use of different means of transportation such as public and private vehicles hire. You can also do your other businesses away from these residencies by the use of public means of transport, which will make you feel like a tourist and interact as the locals. These residencies are also well equipped with social amenities, like fast internet, electricity, top-notch interior and other entertainment necessity like a cable TV.

These apartments are also spacious with look like home essentials, making you able to work as you used back at home. Your family will also get that adventure they have always imagined. Due to the presence of facilities such as swimming pools, you are sure to get entertained as you are busy with your business trips with them.


Visiting Somerset for business or even luxurious trips can be unfruitful if you have no place to stay. But you don’t have to mind that much as there are online apartment management firms ready at your service. These firms help you get the perfect match which suits your requirement form the variety of fully furnished apartments. Get in touch and contact ST Residences firm, where you will be welcomed warmly, and ready to serve you at your satisfaction by a well-serviced apartmentsSingapore. Singapore has never been fun than before, have a blast while you are a tourist. And at the same time a local living in well-furnished apartments and not deluxe hotels which are small in size and a bit expensive.