Everything You Need To Know About Soffits

One of the integral processes of finishing off with building a roof properly is fitting the soffits. Now, a lot of people would ask what are the soffits and why are they needed. So, here’s an article that answers all the questions related to soffits to make it clear for you.

What are soffits?

Soffits are an element of the roof that keep the roof beams enclosed. Soffits offer protection from a number of elements that otherwise are capable of costing you a fortune to repair. Building a roof without soffits and you might have to rebuild your roof after sometime.

What do they do?

Soffits can be observed as little vents in the roof. These vents help in the ventilation underneath the roof so that your roof is well-maintained. This keeps your roof protected from the buildup of moisture. When moisture accumulates, it takes the chance to dampen and weaken the foundation of your roof. Besides moisture, another big problem people witness when there is no soffit is the growth of mold. You know if mold grows and spreads, it can be a real headache to completely clean it all up and get rid of it. So, fitting a soffit can keep a check on that as well.

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When do you need to replace a soffit?

It’s imperative that you keep checking your soffits from time to time to ensure they are in a good shape and are able to take care of your roof. Basically, what you have to look for when you check your soffits is whether or not they are blocked. You should make sure that the soffit is not blocked so that there is proper ventilation.

Soffits can be damaged over time because of the elements like snow, rain, hail, etc. Since weather changes are capable of causing damage to them, it’s important to address the need to repair or replace your soffit. This is when you should look for an agency that provides services related to Soffit, fascia and eavestrough installation in Etobicoke.


Now that you know about soffits and the kind of role they playin keeping your roof protected from moisture, mold, and other elements, checking the condition of your soffits isvery important. Get an expert to check your soffit at least twice a year so you can address any problem if any and take action in time.