Comparing the most preferred trimmer line

The maxpower residential grade trimmer line is one strong product which is recommended by most of its users. This is mainly due to the residential usage that goes around this trimmer line. The trimmer line measures around 0.095 inches with a length of 855 feet which as you can read remains more than sufficient enough to supply a customer for a complete lifetime. In weight, it is around three pounds which is equivalent to more than forty-two refills. The quality used here is nylon material ensuring that a customer stands strong at the test of time. About the unique feature, it has an orange colour that brings better visibility and safety to the customers.

As far as the pros and cons are considered here we have mentioned some pros and cons.

•                   The trimmer line comes with a strong trimmer line as the material used is classic and strong (premium nylon material)

•                   The job can be done in trimming thick green grass and weeds.

For the cons:

•                   If regular hard hits fall on the trimmer line it can get torn apart. For the same, the customer has to remain cautious about the handling and keeping the trimmer line away from rocks, pavements or walls.

•                   Price is high for this type of trimmer line.

Oregon gatorline professional square string trimmer line:

The Oregon Gatorline professional square string trimmer line is considered the highest quality product that people recommend other customers. It goes through pressure tests so that the inner core stays safe for a long time. The professional-grade trimmer line which makes assure that a customer gets a durable one. Diameter is around 0.105 inches that are sufficient enough to trim even the strongest weeds or thickest grass. This trimmer line spool reaches till 538 feet. There is a silver aluminium colour design made to bring the industrial feel.


•                   Trimmer strings are durable and strong. There is no sign of deterioration even if the trimmer line gets hit by a solid object.

•                   The edges are sharp as it is made of heavy magnum material.

•                   This trimmer line makes trimming faster and easy.


•                   There comes a risk along with this as the line can break anytime while you are using it. But there are chances of keeping it safe by keeping proper care of the line.

You can choose your trimmer line and in order to learn more about it click here, there are many useful articles that can help you in every possible way. One can go through each of it and then finalize the trimmer line. Don’t forget to compare the price of each trimmer line.