Why Get A Loft Conversion?

Many homeowners will choose to utilise their loft space and turn it into a liveable space and add value to the home in the process. The extra living area within the home is achieved without having the need to build an extension or extend upwards.

There will be the inevitable construction work and noise during the building process, but it becomes all worth it in the end when that extra living space has been created within the home and the best suppliers can minimise this.

It is by far and away the biggest reason why people decide to have a loft conversion. They need more space to live in. There may be a new child about to enter the family or two siblings, who have shared a bedroom since toddlers, may be getting old enough to start having their own rooms.

A grown-up son or daughter may wish to return home from college or university and the extra room could be used as a temporary home there. Perhaps some might even consider pulling in some revenue by creating a room for a lodger.

A bedroom is not the only option open to a newly converted loft space. Some will add in an extra bathroom. The extra shower room with a W.C. works as an ideal solution when two or more members are getting up early for work in the morning and doing battle for the bathroom.

Bathrooms will require a great deal of plumbing and water piping relocation, but this is nothing any skilled plumbing team cannot achieve. Adding a new living space to your home via a loft conversion can also go a long way to adding value to your property.

The value added to some homes has been estimated to be anywhere from 20 to 25 per cent of the original home’s value. In several cases, the cost of the loft conversion itself is often repaid with the extra equity gained on the house.

A new loft in your home also offers some extra insulation. In most homes heat is lost through an uninsulated ceiling. If the loft space is converted to a nice warm bedroom, this heat loss will no longer be an issue.

A new loft conversion also improves the view. Looking out of a third floor bedroom window or study is fascinating. Loft conversions are generally not very intrusive either. Most of the work is contained within the loft space and normal service should resume around the remainder of the house during the conversion process.