How to Choose a Professional Electrician

Not all professional electricians deliver excellent service, no matter what they may promise you. So, how do you know who will give you a quality service versus a half-done job?

If you’re just not sure how to recognize an approved electrician or you just want to get an idea of what you should expect in service from someone you’re interested in hiring, you’ll want to read the following tips.

First of all, take note in how your inquiry was received. Did they answer it as quickly as possible? Were they too busy to get back with you within the same day? No matter how busy they tell you they are, often times when electricians don’t return customer phone calls in a decent amount of time, it’s a sign that you may end up facing communication problems with them further down the line.

Next, did the electrician show up on time for your initial consultation? If not, did he or she call to let you know they would be late? When you’re on a busy schedule, you certainly don’t want to have to wait hours.

approved electrician

And, how was there first impression? Was it positive or did he/she seem disorganized and unprofessional? The best electrician services will always be professional and pay attention to even the smallest details of all aspects of the job.

Then, how is their attitude? Are they friendly and respectful or are their rude and want to do everything their way with no concern about what you want. A positive attitude makes the job go smoothly for everyone involved.

And, what about their credentials? Does the electrician carry insurance? What about other stated required licenses and credentials? Always ask for proof of insurance and any other credentials your state requires.

Next, check out their references. Any professional business will have happy customers backing them up and should be able to provide you with references. And although it would be perfect if the painter provides you with a list of references, sometimes you just might have to ask for them. Many tradespeople nowadays have a presence online, from either their own website, google business page with reviews or more increasingly find a trade sites such as Trustatrader – where many reviews of a tradesmen’s work can be viewed before hiring.

Then, ask them if they guarantee their work in writing and how long it’s good for. Many professional electricians will guarantee their work for at least two or more years.

Finally, make sure you get everything being done in writing and you’re given a written proposal. Having a written contract clarifies any issues that may be a concern and weeds out any unnecessary legal matters.