Dewalt 20V Sawzall: It’s Pros and Cons

Dewalt 20V Sawzall: It’s Pros and Cons

Sawing is a huge part of construction and in designing. It’s necessary to have the right devices to help you. Construction companies and professionals often invest in these things, especially since it’s something that’s constantly being used as well. Electric saw is one that’s constantly used. And there are new ones that are also introduced. For instance, there’s the new Dewalt 20V. It’s cordless and very portable.

Through taking the time to read this basic Dewalt 20V Sawzall XR review, it’ll be easier for you to decide if it’s something worth purchasing and investing in or not.


New technology 

The four keyless blade option makes it easier for you to shift angles and take care of the blade. Some blades aren’t as sustainable as others. Instead of thinking when to change the blade, you should work in order to make it last longer. This is more convenient and is more cost-efficient compared to others. And this also protects your device. 

Security and safety 

The non-slip handle makes sure you won’t have to worry about it slipping. Aside from that, there are other safety features installed to guarantee that you won’t have any accidents or misfortunes when you’re working. 

Modest weight 

For a power electric saw that is often used for different options. And it can become a big concern especially since you’re going to carry things around. The saw must be carried around all the time. 

Dewalt 20V Sawzall


It can be used for different projects. There are also different materials you need to cut. Because of that, there’s a need to change the tools that are being used. And this can take more time and will also take up more effort. The device can also be useful and helpful for everything. This makes a good addition to everything.


The cordless and portable features can be the cause of issues at specific times. As convenient as it is, there will still be a limit to how long it’ll function. And others find it difficult to stop in the middle of work to change batteries or wait for the device to charge. If you’re planning long hours for the project, electric saw with cord will be a better choice.

Another downside is there’s a need for you to often purchase your own parts. Some retailers don’t provide the battery or the saw. This can be an expensive choice and it can also end up as an inconvenience.


While it’s true that this device has its limits, it can’t be denied that it’s also one of the most useful options out there. It’s highly versatile and can be used in simple situations and projects but can also be also be used by professionals. There are even many experts who are recommending this.