Buying a New Build Checklist

So, you have finally decided to land your dream new home and buy into a new build? Owning your own home is a dream that many aspire to do at least once in their lives and when it is a new build, it creates a fascination that you and your family are about to become the pioneers of this brand spanking new home.

What could be sweeter? Unfortunately, there are times when the ultimate dream can turn into a bit of a snag. Anyone who believes their dream new home was built with loving care and attention, can rethink this right away.

New housing developments are built by the same team of ground workers, bricklayers, roofers, plumbers, electricians and site foremen. Often these teams will develop and build around 100 homes in the space of around two years or less. Jobs are rushed as one team works tirelessly to get their section of the build complete before the next team is expected to come in.

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Bricklayers are often given just days to install a fa├žade and a number of interior walls. They are often warned that the plastering team will be coming into work on a named date and their work cannot even begin until the bricklayers have completed their part of the work.

Under this sort of pressure, many homes develop snags as the site foreman can start to see that certain roles are falling behind in time. There are also many unforeseen circumstances which prevent the builders from completing certain tasks on time: inclement weather and failed deliveries of plant are two of the most common mishaps.

A bricklayer cannot complete the work if the delivery of bricks has failed or arrives too late. Ground workers cannot create the trenches for foundations if plant malfunctions. A JCB small digger is a dynamic piece of kit but it can often break down as it gets some rough treatment over time. Repairing plant often means taking away off site and away to the mechanics.

If a housing development company is late in completing the entire project, it can be fined by the association of local council. The organisation that has sanctioned the new build project has paid large amounts of money to get the development completed by a certain time. Everyone in the chain is rushed and there are often snags that develop as a result.